Saturday, March 23, 2013


Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! 

I'm excited to be sharing these ski designs with you, and I look forward to expanding this little pet project of mine. Some brief background -- I really got into the idea of designing skis (fake ones, but still!) when I learned of the Epic Pass Club + Folsom Skis Design Contest. Ever since I started skiing, I've been wanting and wanting a pair of skis with some awesomely unique graphics on them, especially since in reality I have these ratty, Barbie-worthy pair of K2 Tru Luv skis that I inherited from some dope. The contest was my chance to finally be rid of these flimsy gray/pink skis, as the winner was to be awarded a real set of skis adorned with his/her design!

I slaved away at my first two designs (shown below) for a week or so, only to discover about half a month later that neither of my designs had been chosen. Balls. I moped about the possibility being stuck with my ugly Tru Luvs for 10 more years, at least. Add to insult the fact that I now live in North Carolina and thus don't even get to ski that much anymore. A few days passed. Months. Then, overwhelmed by mundane schoolwork and sad to be so far from good skiing, my mind drifted off. I suddenly brightened up and thought something along the lines of, "Hell, if I can't have real skis that I like, I can at least amass a collection of fake, really pretty ones that I love!" 

And so here I am, churning out the imaginary skis.that will tide me over until the day the perfect pair comes along. 

I hope you stay tuned for lots more to come! :)


On L:  "Little Joys"                      On R:  "Off-Piste"