Sunday, January 19, 2014


Given the absolutely ABYSMAL conditions at Tahoe thus far this season, I've resorted to skiing runs in my head (it's a good way to pass the time while working out, that's for sure) as well as daydreaming about destination ski trips and accompanying apr├Ęs-ski festivities. I've also become really fixated on the idea of lounging, in my base layers and under a gigantic Mexican blanket, by a wood stove. I've never owned, let alone used, one of these blankets, so I don't know where this part of the image came from, but I won't be too upset if it comes to pass. 

Anyway, I'm starting to get genuinely worried... WHERE IS THE EFFING SNOW?! :(



Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here's to 2014!

Hello! My my, 2013 was definitely a eventful and turbulent year. There was a lot of that "out of my comfort zone" stuff going on, but ya know, I (like everyone else) emerged reasonably intact. And with a new affection for all things bird-patterned (in addition to my skis, I have a bird-themed shirt and skirt now)! 

I'm still recovering from NYE, but I'm feeling good about 2014. Wonder what surprises/horrors (hopefully minor ones) it has in store...


P.S. Like the little birdies I drew?! Hehe, this tablet is awesome!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

So much food... so many presents... what an excellent haul for the holidays! :) I finally got an art tablet, and I'm excited to see where it'll take me in the design department. Here's what I came up with via some preliminary doodling:

"By the fire"  

Because it's Christmas, check out this pic of me at Kirkwood with my Sparrows (just before their inaugural run) and ugly holiday sweater (courtesy of Goodwill and lots of fabric glue):

Annnd another one (here I'm actually being pelted by icy winds of death that gave me terrible windburn): 

The Sparrows, by the way, were awesome! The early-season conditions (read: rock, ice, random pockets of creek) weren't exactly ideal, but they flew wonderfully nonetheless. Even in the moguls! I seriously can't wait for the fresh, deep pow that will let them really, really shine. 

Anyway, time to go check on the cake -- Merry Christmas, everyone! :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

First day

Last weekend, Tahoe got pounded with a ton of new snow. As the inches piled up, my excitement became overshadowed by agony -- there was really nothing I could do to take advantage of all the pow, as I was chained to SF by an important research deadline.

This past week, I obsessively checked the weather reports and lift statuses for Northstar/Heavenly/Kirkwood multiple times every day, my eyes bulging with anxiety and anticipation each time I refreshed a page. Things didn't look promising, but I hightailed it to Kirkwood at the first opportunity anyway. 

And boy, was it worth it! Despite the fact that there were only 3 lifts open, I found a super fun and challenging mogul line to hit over and over again (my legs are currently jello). While exploring the woods and gullies, I came across a fair amount of deliciously untracked pow as well. :) I didn't have my Parlor skis with me (they're still without bindings), but my new Fischer skis really delivered -- I got my ski legs back way sooner than anticipated. First day of the 2013-14 ski season = huge success!

Now, behold: my artistic interpretation of the mogul line that's rendered me pretty much immobile:


Thursday, December 5, 2013

The day has come: my Parlor Sparrow!

At the start of 2013, I, trapped miles and miles from any semblance of decent skiing (see Sugar Mountain), began dreaming of something that seemed incredibly silly and farfetched: designing and skiing on my own pair of skis. Now, as 2013 draws to a close, I have to keep pinching myself as I sit and stare at the pair of purple/yellow Sparrow Parlor skis sitting in my SF apartment.  

These birds, my friends, are mine in a very special way -- in a months-long process, I brought them to virtual life in Photoshop, and the Parlor guys brought them to real life in their Boston workshop. Pretty surreal. They're so beautiful, and in all honesty, I'm kind of scared to ski on them for fear of ruining them! I am, after all, a fairly reckless skier. Ack!

I can't really recall many other occasions that caused me to feel much prouder than I am right now. Being able to create something like this has been so different from anything else I've done (which, granted, isn't much, but still), and it's just been ridiculously rewarding! AHHHH! Thank you Mark, Pete, and Jay at Parlor for taking on Sparrow and Heron -- it's been a true pleasure. And I haven't forgotten about you, Mary! 

If I see anyone with either of these babies (or any of the other awesome Parlor skis available) on the slopes, rest assured that I will chase you down and proceed to, how shall I say this gracefully... lose my shit! In the best way possible, of course. :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Holy cow, it's December now! Brrrrrrr. I guess this means it's that time of year to... 

Go on powder watch! 
Check trail reports daily! 
Do the snow dance, all the time!

Please be kind to us this year, snow gods of Tahoe! :D