Saturday, December 14, 2013

First day

Last weekend, Tahoe got pounded with a ton of new snow. As the inches piled up, my excitement became overshadowed by agony -- there was really nothing I could do to take advantage of all the pow, as I was chained to SF by an important research deadline.

This past week, I obsessively checked the weather reports and lift statuses for Northstar/Heavenly/Kirkwood multiple times every day, my eyes bulging with anxiety and anticipation each time I refreshed a page. Things didn't look promising, but I hightailed it to Kirkwood at the first opportunity anyway. 

And boy, was it worth it! Despite the fact that there were only 3 lifts open, I found a super fun and challenging mogul line to hit over and over again (my legs are currently jello). While exploring the woods and gullies, I came across a fair amount of deliciously untracked pow as well. :) I didn't have my Parlor skis with me (they're still without bindings), but my new Fischer skis really delivered -- I got my ski legs back way sooner than anticipated. First day of the 2013-14 ski season = huge success!

Now, behold: my artistic interpretation of the mogul line that's rendered me pretty much immobile: