Sunday, March 24, 2013

K2 makeover

Ok, maybe I feel kind of bad for being so negative about my skis -- they have, after all, carried me a long way, and despite all my attempts to destroy them, have remained pretty intact (grrr). Plus, they were a gift, and I don't want to seem too ungrateful. 

Still, the design on my skis is something I'd be attracted to if I were still 12 years old (back then, I had a clear backpack and a giant pink binder covered in garish roses). So if I had the chance to rework the design while staying true to the skis' essential girly-ness, I would focus in on those pink hues that sort of drive me crazy. And that's what I did. 

Finally, in a gesture of appreciation and the tiniest bit of emasculation, I've named the new version of my Tru Luvs as.... drumroll... "TONI"! :)

L: K2 Tru Luvs                                                                                                                   R: "Toni"