Thursday, April 18, 2013

For the love of books

When I was an undergrad, the only time I ventured into the library was to take photos of books. I was obsessed with capturing the look and feel of old book covers, especially those with faded gold letters. Finding the perfect book was an adventure! I amassed a sizable collection of macro-style photos of books from all angles, and I would obsess over and edit them for hours. I definitely spent more time capturing pictures of books than actually reading them! Ha, all those tuition dollars put to good use. 

Anyway, these skis feature a sample of some of my photos, altered to look less real (the idea of realistic images on skis seems very cheesy and uncool to me).


By the way, I feel compelled to say that I find reading books just as enjoyable as photographing them. :P

Also, on kind of related note, I'm only one shelf exam away from SPRING BREAK!!! Thus, my updates this next week will probably be more sporadic. Maybe I'll finally finish reading a novel.

Have a great weekend!